Friday, January 1, 2010


Hi . 01'01'10.

Sorry i'm going to abandon you.
This is the first for the last .
Moving to

Anyway, Since this is my past, I would like to sumarize what i wannted to say to you guys, Like what you guys did. ^^

HX - Thanks for being my best. You're always the one that knows me best, When can you stop reading my mind . haha. Ok fine, i dont wish you to stop doing that. I love you. Thanks for putting up with my craziness, stupidness, loudliness, loneliness, selfishness, peniless, cuteness(oops), manliness, ponderness and loveliness . Haha.

Jialu - chou lulu. I dont like you sometimes the things you do and the things you wanted me to do . Including your temper . =( But i love every moment, everytime, every word, every secret you gave me. Thank you . Love you.

Mailyn - Laopo, What i wanna tell you is somehow the same as lulu, thank you for everything. I love you too. Though you dont share secret with me ^^

Christ - Hi, What can i say, you're my best classmate and best person to talk to. How can i not love you. For being there for me most.

Qi - Thanks for being the joker that always made me laugh. Thanks for being the "Never pang seh" friend . Love you.

Hong - Though you have him but I am still in your mind. Thank you for this. Just because of this, I love you more !

Xuan - 哈咯!xuan 你比较特别点,用华语。哈哈谢谢你总是能让我的笑容贴在脸上,总是让我觉得我不是自己而已。好爱你!

Jiale - Tao yan.. THanks for guiding me in maths though sometimes i dont really listen, but you helped me most . Please, love yourself more . And let us love you .

Serene - Laopo 2, Thanks for, i dont know, being so good to me on my hardest days.
Thought alot of times, you pang seh me, but i still love you . Thanks for being so skinny, cute and lovely ! xD (you made me seems so fat =x)

Daph - Thanks for accompany me always, bearing my stupidness and craziness. Love you.

Pavi - Hi love, Thanks for making me feel the love in you . Thanks for the cares.
Thanks for sharing your sadness with me . I love to make you happy . I love you !

Kailun, Hongsheng, wenhao, ziwei, hsien wang, justin, jingting.. Who else ?
- Thanks for guiding me through my stupidness..

Teachers in my memories - Thanks for putting up with my craziness, stupidness and laziness. haha . You people are the best.
However i dont wanna see you guys anymore next year.=x
I mean, You should know bah . haha.

Mrs woo, Mrs yap, Mr hoo, Mr Tan, Mr loh, mr khir -
Hi principal and staff, I love you guys even though you guys are tough sometimes.
Mr khir, though you are no longer in WDL, But your loudliness and craziness,I just could never forget.. And your unique nick : Walking-Bomb. Ha.

Goodbye everythiing

- Ain't a good season ... ♠ Friday, January 01, 2010

Sunday, December 27, 2009


27'12'09. 2341.



Sorry mum . I ain't that kind of person you want me to be.
I am not a good girl, indeed, but i am not bad too.
I am not a girl, which, do whatever it takes to earn money.
I want to implant happiness in everything i do.
I am trying. Please stop asking me to do what i really dislike.
The more i do, the more i dislike. The more i dislike, the more i hate.
Mum, dont make me hate you. Seriously. Cause it hurts me to not love you anymore.

- Ain't a good season ... ♠ Sunday, December 27, 2009


Cathrine, 6teen.
Need no further intro.


~ Trying hard not to hear ;
~ Everything that surround ;
~ Ain't Adolescent ;
~ Revealing dissatisfaction ;
~ Sorrow to be hidden .

THAT ' list of desires ' .

Do I need one?(;
~ fly me to the moon.


I don't need that . Speak your mind . (;


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